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4 Bed Detached Trussed Roof

This attic demonstrates the versatility and multi-purpose functions of converted attic spaces. It is used as an additional living space for the family home – but can also act as a spillover bedroom for guests.




4 Bed Detached Trussed Roof


Roscaoin Roscam


Thanks Eugene. Were delighted.


I have used ENF for an attic conversion job as well as a number of other work in the house.
I very extremely impressed by the quality of the work provided as well as the professionalism of the team.
ENF definitely have this “can do attitude” where they deliver on any job requested, small or big, rather than listing a number of issues as to why it isn’t feasible or will cost more.
They were also great in providing me with recommendations or ideas for the work which turned out really well.
Easy and straightforward company to deal with, no bad surprises, and a positive attitude, have recommended them multiple times and will continue to do so.