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Based in Galway, our experienced team specialises in attic conversions. Attic conversions bring many advantages that can drastically benefit both you and your property. Attics are viable living areas that can be transformed into various types of rooms. Attics provide the ideal solution for growing families looking for extra living space, a games room, an office or an extra bedroom. In comparison to a ground floor extension, an attic conversion typically costs half the price and does not involve the loss of any valuable garden space. A standard attic conversion is usually completed within two weeks. In addition, we construct extensions and provide all other services required for improving, extending or redecorating your home.

ENF Attics promises to professionally design and complete conversions that will result in a more spacious and comfortable home with an enhanced value. We work with our clients to achieve aesthetically pleasing, practical and cost effective solutions. Call today for a free, no obligation quote or for ideas on how to attain maximum attic space at minimum cost.